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2018-10-09 GOEDU
GlobalOneedu Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as Universal One Learning) was founded in 2011, has used the brand name "First Learning", "First Learning", "English logo OneEdu and one, according to educational trends and their own business development, the ultimate use of global brands and trademarks"Universal One Learning", the English logo GOEDU, adhering to the"one stop altogether." The concept of "Enjoying Intelligent Education" is a pioneer of the global one-stop intelligent education sharing platform (innovative intelligent online education platform), dedicated to becoming a leader in this field. Global One is a strategic emerging industry of online education and intelligent education. It combines mobile Internet technology, big data technology, artificial intelligence technology, block chain technology, cloud computing technology and dual-teacher teaching services, digital asset services, quality content services and personalized services to explore innovation and interconnection. Net +AI+ education.
GlobalOneedu has platform business and self-service business, platform business is AI Learning APP, the goal is to become the education sector's intelligent Jingbao (Jingdong Taobao), AI is an innovative intelligent B2B2C online education platform (also a Double-teacher education platform O2 O education platform), committed to creating a larger and better "global one-stop intelligent education sharing level" It provides comprehensive educational services for students, parents, teachers, office workers, educational and training institutions and schools, including Double-teacher teaching services, online teaching services, enrollment consulting services, brand publicity services, certification and recommendation services, membership sharing services, student assistance services, knowledge payment services, etc. It is divided into one competition, subject creators, one education excellence, one college entrance examination, one volunteer and many other columns, covering from early childhood education to university employment. The high quality educational content of academic education, non-academic education, vocational education and skill education, adaptive learning of artificial intelligence and other applications of artificial intelligence make learning more efficient and personalized. AI is free for all users, user roles can be changed, and everyone can be a teacher and pay for knowledge sharing. The number of target registered users will exceed 5 million in 2018, 20 million in 2019 and 60 million in 2020.
The self-operated business includes China Independent Enrollment Network (including China Independent Enrollment Research Institute), Volunteer Masters (Volunteer Filling Software for College Entrance Examination, Embedded in AI Learning Platform), Universal Studying, Universal Traveling and Research, One-guest CRM (support product of AI and Universal Enrollment), Customer Management Software specially designed for the education industry, and innovative and top-notch talents. Training center, international travel study center. The self-service business is led by China Independent Enrollment Network, adhering to the concept of "famous university entrance experts", positioning the new college entrance examination one-stop admission service, focusing on the admission service and related services, to solve the problem of "have a school, go to school, go to school, get a good job" and currently mainly provides high school students to take the university entrance examination at home and study abroad. Service, elementary school, high school, tourism, science and technology. Policy Research, Evaluation, Planning and Design, Teacher Training, Joint Examination and Evaluation, Textbook Research and Development, Scientific Research Topics, Science Creation Practice, Innovation Training, Background Promotion, Guidance Training, Patent Thesis, monograph Writing, Counseling Training, Qualification Application Providing systematic and holistic solutions in the fields of consultation and information, contracting services, Double-teacher education, as well as elementary and junior high school research, study tours, science education, practical innovation, and so on. China Independent Enrollment Network is a bigger, more authoritative, more professional and more influential portal website of Independent Enrollment (Comprehensive Evaluation). It is the first brand in the field of Independent Enrollment in China. The main business of Independent Enrollment and Comprehensive Evaluation is not only the rigid demand of parents and schools of high school students, but also the result of the reform of China's college entrance examination system. Practice, the only large-scale admission system outside the college entrance examination, or the national initiative to cultivate subject expertise and innovative potential of quality education subject innovation education.
Universal One takes the target audience of high school (student parent teacher school institution) and the entrance service of college entrance examination as the breakthrough point (also the core of business), the target audience of primary school (student parent teacher school institution) and University (student teacher school institution) as the second echelon, and the target audience of University as the second echelon. Health (employment) and office workers (educational skills upgrading) are the target audience of the third tier. The target audience of self-service business is mainly high school and College Primary and secondary school related groups. The target audience of AI is the same as that of self-service business. However, the target audience of AI platform covers all education related population, schools and educational institutions.

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